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Kya Wikia Social Media Pages
Founder: Hotspot Active
Bureaucrats: None N/A
None N/A
None N/A
Page Admins:
Photo Admins: None
Template Admins: None
Category Admins:
Updater Admins: None
CSS Admins: None
Java Admins: None
Rollbacks: None
Moderators: None
Chat Moderators: None

Facebook Admins: Hotspot Active

Facebook Admins

Facebook Group Admins Facebook Group AdminsVaries
Tumblr Admins: Hotspot Semi-active
Youtube Managers: Hotspot In-Active

Help Desk
FAQ ~ About ~ Policy
Starting Out
Help:Starting this wiki ~ Visual Editor ~ Kya Dark Lineage:Community Portal ~ Talk Pages ~ What is a stub? ~ Kya Dark Lineage:Mailing list
How To
Templates ~ Template Tags ~ How To Make Userboxes ~ Kya Dark Lineage:Sandbox
Administrator Q/A
What is an Administrator? ~ What is a Protected Page? ~ Administrators on the Wiki & Social Media ~ How to become an Admin

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