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An Air Pistol is a turret, that is attached to the ground and can shoot explosive Bombs. Wolfen use them to attack Kya, however, Kya can also get a hold of them and use them herself to blow up Wolfen or obstacles in the way. On rare occasion, Air Pistols are found on vehicles, mostly located in the Quarry.


Air Pistols can turn around in a complete circle, but cannot move position. The Air Pistol can shoot bombs from various distances, the longer the player holds the command button, the farther it will shoot.

Note: Unlike bombs for sale at Nativ City, Air Pistols, are free and the ammunition never runs out.


Destroy Boulders: Air Pistols are near, when a boulder or other interfering objects block the way. Kya must shoot out a bomb to destroy the obstacle.

Defeat Wolfen: Kya can also use the Air Pistol to shoot bombs, to defeat nearby Wolfen, especially when they are in groups.


Air Pistols can be found in the following areas.

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