The Alien World, is a mysterious and unknown world. It is Brazul's home world, and is mentioned that his race went extinct. It's unknown if the Alien's world is still intact, or not.

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  • Brazul and Kya, may be the surviving members of Brazul's Alien race.


  • It could be possible, the Mysterious Desert World, is in fact Brazul's alien world. Since his race went extinct, one can assume that there is a possibility of either a Predator, that killed everyone off, or some kind of apocalypse that wiped out his race. The world that is shown in the end of the game, is desolate and bleak, something that you'd see in an apocalypse setting. Kya, and Frank are attacked by something, this "Being", could be what made Brazul's race extinct. The creators may have wanted Kya to go to her father's world in order to understand him more, and give him a back story.

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