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Bomb Dispensers appear across the world of Kya: Dark Lineage, as the name suggests, they can dispense bombs. By hitting the large red button with Kya's Boomy, a time bomb of 10 seconds, will pop out for her, to use.


Kya, can use a bomb dispenser by hitting the button on the machine. She can press the button with her Boomy, or if she is close enough, she'll use her hands to press the button instead.

Note: Unlike bombs for sale at Nativ City, Bomb Dispensers, are free and the ammunition never runs out.


Destroy Boulders: Bomb Dispensers are mainly used, and appear when a boulder blocks the way. Kya must use a bomb to destroy them.

Defeat Wolfen: Kya can also use the bomb dispensers to blow up, and defeat nearby Wolfen, especially when they are in groups.


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