In an old character artwork, Brazul, was originally created as a Nativ character. The creators made two versions of him, one young and one old. Brazul as a young Nativ appears to be happy, while old Brazul seems to be crabby.

Young BrazulEdit

Appears to be a happy go lucky Nativ.


Clothes: Young Brazul, wears a nice red hat. It spirals at the top, and droops down to the ears. He has bandages all over his body.
Color: Unlike most Nativ's, being a golden brown. Young Brazul was a blue-purple/gray color, while his ears and the tip of his tail are black.

Old BrazulEdit

Comes off as a rather grumpy, and most likely, evil Nativ.


Clothes: Old Brazul's clothes are black, and appear almost like a kung fu outfit. His attire is that of a one piece body suit, with a red belt wrapping around the waist a few times. In addition, he has a set of black gloves.
Color: Being the same person, he sports the same blue-purple/gray color scheme, however now he dons a pony tail in the back and to the sides, with a red band holding it together. His ears have become longer, and more crinkled, while the tip of his tail is no longer black, and is now completely purple/blue/gray.

Brazul's SonEdit

In the original artwork, where Brazul is a Nativ. He also had a son; this plan was changed and most likely resulted in Kya, being his child instead.

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