This is a page for characters from other forms of entertainment that look like characters from Kya: Dark Lineage.



Fighter GameEdit


(If anyone knows the name of this character, please add her name, or make a comment below.) A Girl from a Fighting game has a similar hair and look as Kya, although her outfit isn't the same color, it's still similar to Kya's.


Jak & DaxterEdit


Taryn is a woman from the game Daxter, apart of the Jak and Daxter series. She gives the hero Daxter Missions and equipment. She has a striking resemblance to Kya, down to the same top, blue jeans, similar hair style and darker skin color.
Taryn screen

Winx ClubEdit


Musa is a high spirited fairy with powers of music, she appears in the Winx Club. On occasion she wears the red tanktop and blue jeans outfit, she always has blue hair with pigtails.


Animated Short "Fetch"Edit


The main character in this short, title "Fetch", by "Appleseed Renderer". {Youtube Channel.} Entails that of a girl with blue hair, and a red outfit. On her journey in the forest, meets the wolf. Similarly, Kya has blue hair, a red shirt and fights various Wolfen.

CGI Animated Short HD "Fetch" by Appleseed Renderer02:14

CGI Animated Short HD "Fetch" by Appleseed Renderer

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