Dragons are small creatures that pop out of the ground when an enemy is nearby. To attack, they spit a flame, that leaves a trail of molten lava across the floor.


Dragons are ball like creatures, whose shape resembles that of a caterpillar. They are usually completely orange, however rare ones are blue.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Flame Burst - The dragon will spout out a flame that shoots in a straight line. The attack will leave a trail of lava on the ground, if Kya walks onto it, it will give her extra damage. (The trail of lava only lasts a few seconds, and afterwards disappears.)
  • Burrow - Dragons have the ability to burrow into, and out of the ground.


Boomy - Dragons can be defeated by attacking them with the Boomy.


Nativ City ZooEdit

  • Forgotten Island - There is a rare Blue Dragon at the Forgotten Island, it will pop up out of a hole near a sign.

See AlsoEdit

Dragons have similar traits and abilities with other fire based creatures.

  • Liner - Dragons share a similar shape, and similar flame ability with Liners.
  • Blaser - Like Dragons, Blasers hide from an enemy, and pop out of the ground to attack. In this case, Dragons pop out of the earth, while Blaser's pop out of lava.

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