The Electric Bulb is a neutral plant creature that will only attack if someone is too close to it. If it feels it is in danger, it'll shoot out electricity in the surrounding area.


The Electric Bulb, is shaped like the bulb of a flower before it is opened. It has a dark blue base, and the rest of it's body is electric blue. The tip of the bulb emits a light that changes colors, depending on how safe it feels.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Electric Shock - The bulb shoots electricity in the area, to hit anyone or anything nearby.



  • There is no way to defeat an Electric Bulb. However, attacking it from a distance will cause it to burn out, and temporarily be unable to attack.


  • Walking past it, at a far distance, without attacking will allow for Kya to escape from it.
  • Kya can use her Boomy to attack the bulb from a distance, this will make the Electric Bulb shoot electricity in the surrounding area. Once it has used an attack, it "burns out" for a while and can not longer attack for a short period of time, before it reloads.

Note: If a few Bulbs are next to each other, attacking one will set them all off.

Warning IndicatorEdit

The electric bulb produces a light on the top tip of it's body, different color lights mean different things.

  • Yellow: Is the normal color for it to emit, when it feels safe.
  • Red: Means Kya is too close and it will attack at any second.
  • Blue: The light turns blue, when the bulb is in attack mode, shooting out electricity.


One some occasions, the bulbs will be used in puzzles. Kya must hit them with her Boomy, to set them off, and spring electricity into a mechanical device to activate it.


  • Electric Bulbs tend to come in groups.


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