This is a list of objects in Kya: Dark Lineage, that have some purpose in the game.

Environmental ObjectsEdit

Environment Description


An orange stone that can heal Kya, if she has enough mana power. Read More..



A mushroom like plant filled with air, they will save Kya from big falls. Read More..

Kyamanaball copy


Mana is magical energy, it allows functions such as exorcising Wolfen or healing via Amber stones. Read More..


Transportation Description

Shell Elevators

Shell Elevators are wind tunnels that allow Kya to go from one location to the other. Read More..


Normal elevators appear as a lift from one location to another, such as an elevator from Nativ City to Flying Forest. Read More..

Wind Cannons

An underground device that sprouts out, and blasts an enormous amount of wind that shoots the user to another location. Read More..


Stationary Description

Animated Sign

Animated Signs are big signs that appear in Nativ City, they tell the player where to get a new item and what it does.Read More..


This type of sign appears in other parts of the world, and give general information about the area.Read More..


Weapons Description

Air Pistol

A stationary device that shoots bombs out to defeat enemies and blow up obstacles.Read More..

Bomb Dispenser

A bomb dispenser.Read More..

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