Kya: Dark Lineage has plenty of bugs and glitches, this is a list of common ones.
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A visual Glitch of Kya's hand

General GlitchesEdit

Free TelescopeEdit

Do not purchase the Telescope in the shop, instead, after Kya is kidnapped by the Wolfen, her items will be stolen. After retrieving her items, the game will assume that you purchased the telescope and will give you one for free.


Nativ CityEdit

Go Through Counter TopsEdit

Go to Akasa's dojo and grab the Wolfen dummy's tail, go to the nearest shop and start walking into the yellow table counter where the items are displayed, you can walk into it and even stand right next to the Nativ at the counter! To exit, you have to walk either left or right and you will magically pass right through the wall , for some reason, Kya can only do this while holding the dummy Wolfen.

Fight The Dummy WolfenEdit

When you're in Akasa's dojo hold onto the dummy wolfen's tail, bring it to Atea's hut and walk into the fire so Kya gets hurt.She will let go of the dummy and then you can fight it and it will move by turning around and facing you, one hit will destroy the dummy and if you hit it in it's private area it will move around like a real Wolfen!

Flying ForestEdit

Sky Color ChangeEdit

Come from the third shell elevator, go to where you had/have to get the receptacle from the pedestal, look at the slope in front of Kya, the sky is a yellowish desert color, if Kya goes on the slope the sky turns blue.

Disappearing FeetEdit

Sometimes when Kya is walking in a grassy area her feet disappear into the grass.

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