Karaboss is another version that eventually became Kya, Karaboss is a witch who would go on an amazing adventure in a halloween based world.


Karaboss was a girl with orange hair, a ponytail and strands of hair to the side, similar to Kya's. She has a red bodysuit, with a hood, a belt and black boots. She has brown gloves and a stave type of weapon.

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  • Kya's hair was most likely modeled after Karaboss, since they both have the strands on the side and the pony tail.
  • The animal, has pointy ears like Stuff, and probably was an early design of it.


Kya Dark Lineage
Akasa ~ Amata ~ Apou ~ Area ~ Atea ~ Aton ~ Bird ~ Brazul ~ Brazul's Bird ~ Frank ~ The Hunter ~○~ Kya ~○~ The Snore ~ Stuff
Cut Cast
Adada ~ B-Witch ~ Brazul's Son ~ Dr Alan ~ Karaboss ~ Mysterious Leg Character ~ Spiked Shell Monster
Kronos ~ Scrawny ~ Wolfen
Flying Forest ~ Forgotten Island ~ Hunters Domain ~ Nativ City ~ The Air Post ~ The Fortress ~ The Roots ~ The Quarry ~ Wolfen City
Awakening Power ~ Exorcism ~ Freefall ~ Regeneration
Bombs ~○~ Boomy ~○~ Electric Bombs ~ Exploding Bombs ~ Fighting Bracelet ~ Trap Bombs
Amber ~ Amortos ~ Climbing Gloves ~ Extra Energy Bar ~ Fruit ~ Jamgut Whistle ~ Magic Boards ~ Magic Bouncer ~ Mana ~ Nooties ~ Runes ~ Telescope ~ The Medallion

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