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I will not let my brother down without a fight!
— Kya

Role Heroine
Relatives Frank (Half-Brother),
Brazul (father)
Unamed Mother (Mother)
Affiliations The Nativs (Helpers)
Stuff (Friend/Guide/Pet)
Atea (friend)
Aton (Aquantice)
Area (Friend)
Akasa (friend/ Dojo master)
Aliases| Half Pint (by frank), The Human, The Girl.
Weapon Boomy, Fists
Race Human/Alien (Another World)
Abilities Boomerang expert, Expert Acrobat, Master of magic
English Voice Actor Milané Kang


Kya is a young woman, with blue hair and a ponytail with multiple poofy strands (Which she also uses to hold her boomy). She wears a simple red tank top, and nice flowing blue jeans. She has yellow-tan shoes and she has a red glove, only on her right hand.


Kya is a strong minded young woman, who doesn't let others run her life. She's has a tough character, but she is also calm and down to earth. Kya was an ordinary girl, until her brother found a secret entrance to their house. Upon tinkering with a strange artifact, they are thrown in another world. On her quest, she uses a Boomy (Boomerang like weapon) and Martial Arts to defeat her foes.


Kya: Dark Lineage begins with Kya, the protagonist, and her half-brother Frank home alone. Kya hears a suspicious noise and follows it downstairs to find Frank in a previously unknown room down the hall from Kya's room. Kya investigates the odd room and while speaking about Kya's father Frank finishes the piece to a puzzle like object on a table; the object opens a portal which sucks both Kya and Frank in. Kya awakens with three strange creatures around her and immediately is chased through a jungle by feral creatures called the Wolfun; while following several animal-like creatures, all of whom get captured save for one, Aton. She eventually reaches a strange village, called Nativ City, and meets Atea. Atea explains that the Wolfun are merely mutated Nativs, mutated by Brazul, Kya's father. Kya resolves to save Frank and is introduced to Akasa, who teaches her how to fight using Fighting Bracelet which greatly enhances her strength. Kya is blessed with a power by Atea, which allows her to exorcize unconscious Wolfun and transform them back into Nativs.
Kya 2

An old character design of Kya

In return for freeing the transformed Nativs, Atea agrees to help Kya find her half-brother. Kya learns she must find a magical medallion which will allow her to return to her own universe. The medallion was split into seven Runes, emblems made of pure energy, which must be housed in a special amulet. During the course of tracking down the runes, Aton leads Kya to an industrialized area dedicated to mining magical Amber. Aton betrays Kya, allowing Brazul to ambush her. During the course of the fight Kya collapses part of the mine to escape.

Eventually she discovers that Frank is being held in Brazul's laboratory, and she assaults the complex to rescue him. Upon arriving in the lab proper, she is horrified to learn that Brazul has turned Frank into a Wolfun. Kya defeats the Wolfun Frank and performs the Exorcism ritual which returns him to his human form. Kya goes on to gather the last runes required to return home though she is ambushed again by Brazul, who takes the seven runes from her. Kya journeys to Brazul's fortress, defeating Aton before confronting Brazul himself. After a difficult battle, Kya defeats Brazul and returns victorious to a cheering Nativ City, where she activates the portal and finds herself in a desolate desert like place which is not her home, but some other world.


  • Kya was originally supposed to be 6, according to the making of kya.
  • The Nickelodeon show Avatar the last airbender originally named the main female character Kya, but later changed her named to Katara after they found out that a protagonist in a recent video game had the same name. 1


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