Kya: Dark Lineage (also known as Kya: Fury of Brazul in some countries) is an upcoming TV animated series based on the third-person action-adventure game for the PlayStation 2, developed by Eden Gamesand published by Atari.

Though initially set in the present, Kya: Dark Lineage throws the title character (voiced by Days of Our Lives' Vivian Jovanni) and her half-brother Frank (Scott Wolf from NBC's The Night Shift) into a strange new world. Kya finds herself separated from her brother, with the burden of protecting a friendly tribe of creatures called the Nativs from the predations of the evil overlord Brazul and his minions, the Wolfen.


  • Kya (voiced by Vivian Jovanni): The playable heroine of the story.
  • Frank (voice by Scott Wolf): Kya's half-brother, almost immediately captured by Wolfen and imprisoned in Brazul's lair.
  • Brazul: monarch and creator of the Wolfen.
  • Nativs: friendly tribe that is being hunted and transformed by Brazul.
    • Atea: Nativ elder and advisor to Kya.
    • Aton: saves Kya and brings her into the Nativ City.
    • Akasa: combat teacher
    • Area
    • Amada: shop owner
  • Wolfen: creatures under Brazul's command.
    • Scrawnies: the most common type, usually attack in numbers.
    • Grunts: stronger than Scrawnies, inflict heavy damage.
    • Kronos: strongest and most intelligent of the Wolfen; can teleport from place to place.
    • The Hunter: commander of an island full of Wolfen.
  • Stuff: flying animal that provides Kya with hints. Avenue for telepathic communication with Atea.

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