Magic is a form of power that is sparingly used in Kya: Dark Lineage, not many beings in the world use it, and it is not fully elaborated in the game.

Magic is used for battle in many ways, it is used to create spells for healing, restoration and attacks. The most used form of magic, is used by Kya, in order to perform Exorcisms and regenerate health.


The only known form of magic is the Awakening Power, which allows for Regeneration from injuries and Exorcisms to turn Wolfen back to Nativs. Brazul and some monsters, also uses magical attacks when fighting Kya, using mostly elemental attacks like Fire, Ice and Electricity.

In order for Kya to use her magical abilities, she must collect Mana that is laying around in the world. Alternatively, strange creatures harbor mana as well, that being the Mana Creature, along with it's Protector.

Boomy Storm, a move that Kya can perform with her Boomy, also a form of magic due to using Mana, but such power is provided by Fighting Bracelets.

Magic UsersEdit



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