There are three different types of Maps in the Kya: Dark Lineage universe, which are all listed below.

Overworld MapEdit

The overworld map shows the other locations that Kya can go to, such as Nativ City or the Flying Forest. If Kya has not gone to that area yet, it will be hidden behind clouds until she eventually goes there.


A normal map displays the current area, the map will also show the current location of the Runes, and once unlocked, Wolfen.

Wolfen MapEdit

A Wolfen Map allows for Kya to check her normal map, and see where the rest of the Wolfen are located. Without this map, Wolfen will not show up on the normal map. She must find the Wolfen Map in each location, in order to use it. Once the Wolfen map is found, an image of a Wolfen's head, will appear on the regular map, and show where the remaining Wolfen are. The idol used to show remaining Wolfen, is similar to the image of the Wolfen map below.

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