Millané Kang
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Born Unknown
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Occupation Singer, songwriter, lyricist, musician, performer
Years Active 2003-Present
Spouse Unknown
Current Residence Paris, Ile-de-France
Voice Of Kya

Millané Kang is a French and Korean voice actress, actress, singer and songwriter. She did the voice of Kya, in Kya Dark Lineage, and various voices in Rabbids Go Home. She wrote and sang her song, "Tears Along the Way". She has done a french movie called the Healing Within. Millane is fluent in French, Korean and English.


Millané was born and raised in New York City; growing up she immersed herself in the musical world and played various different instruments.

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  • Her father is a classical music fan.
  • Her mother sang opera in Korea.
  • Millané worked with David Gasman and Matthew Géczy one other time in "Rabbids Go Home".

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Millané 'on the voice'

Millané 'on the voice'

Millané, the Interview

Millané, the Interview