Before the game starts, a random, comical opening scene starts. In total, there are four opening sequences in Kya: Dark Lineage. They usually star a Wolfen getting injured in some way, and in one sequence it features Kya. The Eden Games logo is presented somewhere in each opening sequence.

Window SceneEdit

One sequence entails Kya, opening up her window. Little did she know, Wolfen were hiding in front of her window, waiting to attack. Due to her slamming the shutters wide open, she smacks both of them and knocks them unconscious, she walks away letting out a yawn.

  • The Eden Games Logo was shown on the window, before Kya opened it.

Fetch SceneEdit

This scene involves a Wolfen and a Woof, in the scene, the Wolfen is playing fetch and has a large bone. The Wolfen throws a bone that goes off screen, the Woof chases it and comes back only to tear apart the Wolfen.

  • The Eden Games Logo was shown in the background, behind the Wolfen and the Woof.

Crate SceneEdit

Another scene involves a Wolfen, the Wolfen picks it's earwax and eats it. Instantly, it is crushed by a crate that is also found in the game.

  • The Eden Games Logo was shown on the crate that had fallen.

Noise SceneEdit

A Club Wolfen, is standing guard as it hears a loud obnoxious sound. Perking his ears up to listen, he is instantly smashed by the Eden Games Logo.

  • The Eden Games Logo was responsible for the defeat of the Wolfen.

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