This is a list of people who helped make Kya Dark Lineage

Eden Studios (Developer)Edit


Eden Games

Game Director:

David Nadal

Lead Designer:

Hervé Sliwa

Lead Programming:

Jean-Yves Geffroy

Art Direction:

Gilles Benois

Sound Design & Sound Effects:

Vincent Le Meur


Norur Polloni

Level Designer:

Yannick Patet • Jérôme Braune • Alexis Madinier • Eric Meynier • Nicolas Pacaud

Additional Level Design:

Christian Ampere • Laurent Foulon • Lionel Frappe • Frédéric Marchetti


Ludovic Chabanon • Philippe Decouchon • Yannick Geffroy • Stéphane Jeannin • Cyril Marlin • Mickaël Pointier • Stéphane Pothieux • Sylvain Ruard-Dumaine

Additional Programming:

Stéphane Beley • Didier Blanché • Nicolas Chevolot • Alain Jarniou • Sébastien Tixier

Lead Artist:

Vincent Joubert • Pascal Casolari

3D Artist:

Jean-Marc Torroella • Matthias Baillet • Philippe Doumeng • Jean-Baptiste Reynaud • Julien Dos Reis • Guillaume Artus • Boris Mellet

Lead Animator:

Aurélien Charrier


Florent Maudoux • Sandrine Herve • Taklyt Vongdara • David Canoville

Additional Art:

Kkrysalide: • Loïc Barrier • Matthieu Reydellet • Pierre Descubes • Emmanuel Linderer • Doki Denki • Frédéric Taquet • Philippe Lebeaux • Nano-K

Music and Sound Effects:

Manuel LauvernierThomas Colin

Voice Actor:

Andy ChaseJerry Di GiacomoDavid GasmanMatthew GeczyMilané Kang


Hervé Sliwa • Gilles Benois • Emmanuel Guardiola

Dialog Adaptation:

Susan O'Connor

Tools & Technology Manager:

Cédric Vidal-Duvernet • Marc-Antoine Argenton

Tools and Technology Programming:

Michael Galliard • Laurent Giroud • Awen Limbourg • Laurent Renoux • Yannick Rousseau


Rothana Kuon • Adrien Cistac • Julian Heath

Production Team:

Minka Maasdam • Virignie Geffroy • Emmanuel Oualid • Loic Dalbegue • Malika Fares • Karine Thiebaud

Studio Director:

Stéphane Baudet

Atari (Publisher)Edit




Jonathan Chmura

Director of Marketing:

Laura Campos

Executive Producer:

Roland Kippenhan

Director of Technology:

Paul Hellier

V.P. of Marketing:

Nancy MacIntyre

Director of Creative Services:

Steve Martin

Director of Editorial & Documentation Services:

Elizabeth Mackney

Senior Graphic Designer:

Paul Anselmi

Graphic Designer:

Patrick Loughlin • Kathryn Sala

Documentation Specialist:

Kurt Carlson


Paul Collin

Director of Publishing Support:

Michael Gilmartin

I.T. Manager - Western Region:

Ken Ford

Manager of Technical Support:

Michael Vetsch

Q.A. Supervisor:

Donny Clay • Chuck Nunez • Dave Strang

Lead Tester:

Arthur Long


Andrew LeMat • Cher Rocha • Lupe DeLeon • Chris Dawson

Engineering Services Manager:

Luis Rivas

Engineering Services Specialist:

Ken Edwards • Eugene Lai

Strategic Relations Manager:

Cecelia Hernandez • Joy Schneer

Strategic Relations Specialist:

Shaila Patel • Keith Adams • All Game Guide


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