Mana protector

Mana Protector

The Protector is a vine like animal that is usually seen with the Mana Creature, the two work as a team. The Protector defends itself and it's friend from harm. On rare occasion, the Protector is seen by itself.


The appearance of the Protector, is a long light brown vine, with thorns. The top of it's head is reminiscent of a Venus Fly Trap, with a clam shaped head.


The Protector is a long vine like creature, that stands right next to the protector and will attack Kya when she gets near either creatures. She must attack the protector in order for it to stop attacking, and it will momentarily be knocked unconscious for a few seconds. Kya can freely obtain Mana from the Mana creature, until the Protector becomes conscious once more.


Protectors cannot be killed, but they can be knocked unconscious for a few seconds. These creatures are stationary, and cannot walk around. They will only attack if they are in range of an enemy; Kya can use her Boomy from afar to knock them out without being damaged.



The few times the Mana Creature is without the Protector, are listed below. --->


  • The Protector makes a bird like squeaking noise when attacked.

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