There are two different types of signs in Kya: Dark Lineage. The first are animated signs appearing in Nativ City, they show the whereabouts of a new item, and what it does. The second form of signs are tiny and appear in the overworld, they give tips about the current area.

Nativ City SignsEdit

When a new shop is open, or if Kya needs a particular Item for her quest, a sign will appear in Nativ City. These signs not only direct her to where the new shop is, but also show her what the new item does. The signs are animated and will show entire strips of actions, on what the items/weapons/other can do. The image to the right, shows a Caricature similar to Kya. The Caricature is shown throwing a Boomy at a monster that looks like a Sinoc.

  • Note: Once the item is purchased, the sign disappears forever. However a new one can sprout if a new shop has been opened, or if Kya needs an item to pass through the next area.


(The signs that appear in the game will be listed here once more information is given.)

Overworld SignsEdit

Height sized signs appear across the world of Kya Dark Lineage, they mention warnings, tips and what items that may be needed to advance to the next area.


The signs that appear in the world will be listed here, it will include what each sign says.

The RootsEdit

Flying ForestEdit

Hunter's DomainEdit

Woof CageEdit

Gone hunting the Nativs

The QuarryEdit

The Air PostEdit

Forgotten IslandEdit

Wolfen CityEdit

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