This page will include Kya Wiki events, as well as an important Atari or Eden Games events.

Ongoing EventsEdit


Kya WikiEdit

Kya EventsEdit

  • May 2016 - Eden Games responds to a Tweet, Kya is a favorite of their boss, and a sequel isn't entirely out of the question. However, their sights are currently set on Gear.Club. - Source


Kya WikiEdit

  • September 2015 - Vote for Kya, to appear in the next Super Smash Brothers game by Nintendo! Vote Now!. Ballots close October 3rd 2015.

Kya EventsEdit

  • November 2015 - Kya just celebrated her 12th birthday!
  • October 2015 - Eden Games is currently working on a Racing game called "Gear.Club", that allows for an explorable world.



  • Eden Games closes it's doors.


  • The website closes down and redirects to Atari.


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