• Warning, spoilers for the end of the game follow.

    So, Kya and Frank enter the portal and appear in a weird desert world. They are instantanously attacked by someone or something and "The End?" Appears.

    I'm sure most people want to know what happened? What do you think happened?

    I always thought that Kya and Frank were swallowed up by a worm creature.. and (This is an idea I came up with 10 years ago, so work with me here) they're inside this worm and they find out there are two creatures alive and inside the worm! They band together with the creatures to find a way out of the worms body... after they get out, the creatures bring them to their town.. which is this giant circular cliff... an entrance to the inside reveals a hollow cliff that circles around and there is even a waterfall inside! Kya and Frank speak with these creatures to find out whats going on and where they are!

    What do you think happened to Kya and Frank? What do you wish could happen?

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