These are extra characters that were created, but were cut from the final game.

Character TableEdit

Character Description


Adada is a Nativ character that appears in an artwork made by Eden Games, he has a goofy look to him. Read More..



Was the original version of Kya, originally a witch in a magical world. Read More..


B-Witch's Cat

B-Witch was accompanied by a cat, a well known companion for witches. Read More..


Brazul (Nativ)

Brazul was originally a Nativ character, his original present day form appears to have been an older grumpy Nativ.


Brazul (Young Nativ)

Brazul was originally a Nativ character, his young Nativ version appears to be very happy go lucky and upbeat.


Brazul (Suit)

A later design of Brazul, he has a similar fashion to the completed design. This time he is in an armor like suit, with steam coming out of him, and no appearance of his body.


Brazul's Son

Brazul's son is a Nativ character that appears in an artwork made by Eden Games. Brazul was first created as a Nativ, and apparently had a son Nativ. Read More..


Dr Alan

Dr Alan was a scientist and a separate entity from Brazul, eventually the character was cut from the game and "Alan" became Brazul's true identity. Read More..



Karaboss was the second version of Kya, before it was all changed. She was a character to appear in a Halloween like world. Read More..


Karaboss's Companion

A yellow four legged creature that is always by Karaboss's side. Read More..


Mysterious Leg Character

Is a character that only appears in an old ad, a year before Kya came out -1-. The only part of this character that the viewer sees, is their leg. Creating an atmosphere of uncertainty; it is unknown if this is a character that made it in the final production or not, as well as unknown what species they are/were. Read More...


Spiked Shell Monster

A monster seen in the ending credits with a spikey shell, it never actually appears in the game. It could have been an early version of the Sinoc. Read More..

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  • Spiked Shell Monster, is the only character to make a cameo appearance in the ending credits.
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