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    Wiki Hero!

    August 9, 2016 by Hotspot

    Two weeks ago, I gained the Wiki Hero badge on the Suikoden Wiki, for contributing every day for 365 days. I am honored and so happy I got it, it wasn't easy! There were a few times where I thought I was going to lose it and have to start over.. For instance, my friend and I went on a mini vacation in September. We didn't have internet access, but I was able to look on the wiki with my phone, and called my brother, who was able to edit for me. Of course, no one ever invites me to go on vacation with them, so out of all the times in the world, it had to be when I was on a time limit of sorts! Another time, my car got a flat tire and I was stranded. I had made a comment at night, but I wanted to do more.. but I got a point for the Kya wiki a…

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    Fun on other Wiki's

    May 28, 2016 by Hotspot

    When it comes to Wiki's and Wikia, I mainly stick to my roots. That is the Suikoden and Kya Dark Lineage wiki's, let's not forget the Saint October Wiki as well. I'm on these wiki's because I highly enjoy these series and want viewers to be more educated on the matter... most shows or games I don't remember too much about, so I tend to not bother editing on other wiki's (Especially since the more popular series are pretty much all done.) But every now and again I have some extra fun on other wiki's!

    I just spent an hour working on the "Cuticle Detective Inaba" wiki, it's nice to go on a wiki to edit here and there. Usually I stick to my roots, but it's fun to go on another wiki every now and again. Maybe I'll explore more Wiki's in the futu…

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    I'm going to adopt a wiki!

    December 28, 2015 by Hotspot

    I know what you're thinking! Hotspot, you crazy nut! You are the founder and admin of the Kya Dark Lineage Wiki, and an admin on the Suikoden wiki.. and you're going to adopt a wiki?! What's next, sky diving?! 

    Well now, see.. this is what happened...I was making a blog post on my blog (Not wikia blogs) and I was making a post about characters named Esmeralda. As seen Here. When I had finished making the post..I decided to look up images of Esmeralda from the anime "Saint October". Saint October is a very unknown magical girl anime, that uses a tarot card system. When I was searching online, I stumbled upon a wiki for it! Saint October Wiki I was surprised because I saw the anime two years ago, and I never noticed a wiki for it. So, I go on…

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    September 6, 2015 by Hotspot
    I love Boomerangs! They are my favorite weapon of all time in games and I've been in love with them ever since Millie from the second Suikoden game! I've always thought they were cool; you throw the boomerang, so you never get close to your enemies and then it comes back so you never have to refill your weapon. Of course there are many flaws, like it would never work in real life because it would hit the target and fall. But, I do theorize that if the boomerang is either going faster or is stronger than the object to hit, it can actually knock the target down.. an example is Sango from Inuyasha, who uses a giant boomerang.. and every time she uses it on a giant monster, it's used in a way that makes sense... it doesn't hit directly, but to… Read more >
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    So, I got back from work several hours ago and I had the unfortunate opportunity, to deal with.. by far one of the most vicious, nasty human beings I have ever met in my life before.. I have no respect for people like her!

    For the whole story, check out my blog.

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