When it comes to Wiki's and Wikia, I mainly stick to my roots. That is the Suikoden and Kya Dark Lineage wiki's, let's not forget the Saint October Wiki as well. I'm on these wiki's because I highly enjoy these series and want viewers to be more educated on the matter... most shows or games I don't remember too much about, so I tend to not bother editing on other wiki's (Especially since the more popular series are pretty much all done.) But every now and again I have some extra fun on other wiki's!

I just spent an hour working on the "Cuticle Detective Inaba" wiki, it's nice to go on a wiki to edit here and there. Usually I stick to my roots, but it's fun to go on another wiki every now and again. Maybe I'll explore more Wiki's in the future, every now and again that is...

There's no point to this blog, I just wanted to share! XD

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