I know what you're thinking! Hotspot, you crazy nut! You are the founder and admin of the Kya Dark Lineage Wiki, and an admin on the Suikoden wiki.. and you're going to adopt a wiki?! What's next, sky diving?! 

Well now, see.. this is what happened...I was making a blog post on my blog (Not wikia blogs) and I was making a post about characters named Esmeralda. As seen Here. When I had finished making the post..I decided to look up images of Esmeralda from the anime "Saint October". Saint October is a very unknown magical girl anime, that uses a tarot card system. When I was searching online, I stumbled upon a wiki for it! Saint October Wiki I was surprised because I saw the anime two years ago, and I never noticed a wiki for it. So, I go on the wiki and I find it has three pages, two pages for two of the main characters.. and the main page. The wiki, in my opinion was a mess! They had the wiki activity showing on the main page, and instead of creating a character page for one character, they made it into a category.. so the info for the character was on the category page.. what... So, since Esmeralda from Saint October is one of my favorite Esmeralda's and characters in the anime, I had to make a page for her! I did and then I thought I would look around, I felt like I should do something.. I may not have seen the anime for two years, but I can definitely spruce it up! I was disappointed however, when I found out that the founder and creator of the wiki had abandoned it! But it wasn't just a drop off the face of the earth... oh no.. the founder made the wiki, made two articles and then left and said on their profile that they did not plan on coming back! But why make a wiki, if you aren't going to do anything to it? It makes no sense to me at all! They should not have even made it then! They said " I founded this wiki after coming across the show, but decided that it wasn't popular enough to build a wiki." Meanwhile, if you actually made the wiki and get it out there, it will get more attention! Especially with the advertising that Wikia has to offer!

So, I want to adopt the wiki.. mainly so I can give it a new look and fix the ugly badges images.. because everything else I could do as a normal member... I want to spruce it up and make it look more full and nice, I'm not going to go crazy on it, but I want to fix it up! Check the wiki out! I've done a little editing on the main page to make it look nicer.. vote in the poll!

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