Voice Actors in Kya: Dark Lineage, have sometimes contributed to other works of media, together. Such as games, movies and television shows. Below are separate lists that shows which voice actors were in projects together.

Note: Fields with an X, state the actor took part in the show/game/movie.


Name David Gasman Jerry Di Giacomo Matthew Géczy
A Monster In Paris X X
Arthur 3: X X
Persepolis X X
Corto Maltese: & the Ethiopian Heads and Mushrooms The Celts
David X X X
Jerry X
Matt X X X


Name David Gasman Jerry Di Giacomo Matthew Géczy
Code Lyoko X X
Commander Clark X X
Jo X X X
Matt's Monsters X X
The Mysterious Cities of Gold X X

Video GamesEdit

Name Andy Chase David Gasman Jerry Di Giacomo Matthew Géczy Millané Kang
Beyond Atlantis II X X
Beyond Two Souls X X
CF: Pharaoh's Curse X X
Dark Earth X X
Dragonriders X X X X
EP: Fate of Ramses X X
Indigo Prophecy X X
Kya X X X X X
Outcast X X
Paradise X X X
Platoon X X X X
Rabbids Go Home X X X
Rayman 2 X X
Rayman 3 X X
Red Steel 2 X X
Salammbo: BOC X X
Siberia II X X
Test Drive U X X

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